Month: January 2019

PDF tunisian crochet pattern SOL y AMOR bag

tunisian crochet purse pattern

The work is begun with the traditional starting chain, a series of slip stitches. Once the chain is completed, the first row is worked by inserting the hook back into the previous link of the chain, and a loop from the free end of the yarn is grabbed with the hook and pulled back through the link. Unlike traditional crochet, however, this new loop is not then pulled through the initial loop. Both remain on the hook and then the process is repeated, working from right to left, until each link in the chain has been worked. At the end, there will be as many loops on the hook as there are stitches required. This process is called casting on. This is the first of two parts for creating a row.

Double Knit 100g Ball Comfort Baby DK Yarn Wool King Cole

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Lacy Baby Shawl Blanket Knit in 3 Ply 4 Ply or DK

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