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free knitting pattern for cushion covers

Free Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern Leelee Knits 1

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Vintage Aran cushion cover set knitting pattern digital

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The idea that there are meanings associated with the stitches used in Aran knitting derives from Sacred History of Knitting, an entirely fabricated book written by Heinz Edgar Kiewe. Kiewe, a self-styled ‘textile journalist’ who ran a yarn shop in Oxford, purchased one of the first Aran-style sweaters and, noting a chance similarity between the patterns and ancient Irish illuminated manuscripts, began describing the stitchwork in these terms. Before long, his fanciful descriptions were being used to market the sweater abroad, particularly within the Irish Diaspora in the United States, and it became an accepted part of the sweater’s lore that the knitting patterns were developed in ancient times, that each stitch pattern had an associated, usually Christian meaning, and that each family on the Aran Islands had its own clan Aran. However, actual historical documentation, including some of the oldest photography shot in Ireland, are at odds with this mythology.

Newsboy amp diaper cover free Crochet free patterns 1

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Crochet Baby Hat and Diaper Cover Cute Fox Croby Patterns

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12 Handy Hacks for The Perfect Crochet Pillow Cover

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43M CROCHET PATTERNS FOR Watermelon Tablecloth Chair

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